Introduction Post

Hi my name is David Castaneda! I am a student currently enrolled in The University of Texas State. My topic chosen for this website is all about Houston and the sport world that surrounds it!

Born and raised in Houston, I fell in love with sports from a very young age. And although watching Houston sports hasn’t always been an easy task, I have kept my optimism. From a very young age, sports is all I knew and loved, it got me through some very tough times and sometimes even got me away from being depressed, I owe any of success and hard work to sports which is why I began this blog to share some of my thoughts on the beautiful sports that go on in Houston, whether it be the Texans, Astros, or the Rockets, I am here to cover it.

Covering these sports and having this blog I hope to explore the variety of opinions and takes that there may be in the Houston sports community! (feel free to leave any comments or suggestion in the contact us tab). I also hope to gain some knowledge in journalism and maybe even some experience moving forward!

Who is this blog for? Being a sports geek my entire life I have met every type of sports fan imaginable from every different age, ethnicity, and gender. So I solely believe that the intended audience for this blog page could be anyone that likes sports and hot takes!

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