San Marcos Restaurants Help Students Feel at Home

Students new to Texas State University deal with many new challenges such as finding their new niches, navigating campus, and most importantly finding new places to eat. Several restaurants in San Marcos, Texas have their own way of attracting students, some just let their food speak for themselves while others display courteous customer service andContinue reading “San Marcos Restaurants Help Students Feel at Home”

5 Ways to avoid plagiarism/copyright infringement online

With many people moving their thoughts to the online space it’s easy to get caught up with copyright. Trying to express your thoughts with pictures and sounds can be done without infringing on anybody’s work. Here are five ways to avoid copyright infringement. 5. Give credit where it’s due Finding inspiration from others is completelyContinue reading “5 Ways to avoid plagiarism/copyright infringement online”

6 Tips for incoming reporters/journalist

Intro Creating a project in school is one thing but having a career around your work is entirely different. Several guest speakers joined us last week at the Texas States mass comm week to give an insight into their professions while also teaching students what it takes to succeed straight out of school. I enjoyedContinue reading “6 Tips for incoming reporters/journalist”

Best places to eat in San Marcos / Austin

During my last few years living in San Marcos, I have found various places to enjoy a meal. One of the main benefits is making a short 20-minute drive to Austin and finding even more restaurants. I was on a roll with story maps so I made this bad boy. For the last project inContinue reading “Best places to eat in San Marcos / Austin”

Bobcat fans opinion on Texas State Football

Texas State University is known for several things one of which not being football. Many Students have varying opinions on the subject some caring more than others. The opinion which gives us the best insight however comes from one of the biggest fans. Joseph Reed is a Senior student at Texas State. I sat downContinue reading “Bobcat fans opinion on Texas State Football”

COVID-19 Changes at Texas State University

Over the last few semesters at Texas State, students have experienced various changes implemented by the school. Following the Spring 2020 semester, Covid protocols were at an all-time high. Restrictions such as limiting class seats, spacing out classrooms and mask requirements have slowly faded throughout the last couple of semesters. Many students experienced both fullyContinue reading “COVID-19 Changes at Texas State University”

Tips for Writing On Social Media

What are some of the best ways to maximize engagement on your social media post? Hear from a professional. Texas State Prof. Amber Hinsley discussed Tuesday the various ways of increasing engagement on social media posts. To start off Hinsley began by talking about taking advantage of the hashtag feature on your post. Utilizing themContinue reading “Tips for Writing On Social Media”

5 Good Things to Remember While Tweeting

Many journalists have recently joined Twitter one of the most popular social media platforms. With this rapid growth comes many people wanting to tweet in order to express their opinions, however, with great tweets comes great responsibility. Here are 5 tips for writing a good tweet. 5. Remain Unbiased One of the most significant issuesContinue reading “5 Good Things to Remember While Tweeting”