Houston Rockets Biggest Needs This Offseason

And just like that our season is over. Following the Sep 12th game five loss to the Los Angeles Lakers, the Rockets have some major rebuilding to do in the offseason. Recently, rumors began circulating concerning the standing of Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni and today those rumors proved to be true as the now-former head coach announced that he will not be returning for another season. This gives the Rockets several options to go to this offseason concerning the head coach position. Candidates like, Jeff Van Gundy, David Fizdale, and Jason Kidd have all been frontrunners to lead Houston in 2021. Houston is in desperate need of a leader that will discipline the team in playing some defense and force them to understand that shooting 50 three-pointers a game is not going to work in the playoffs! Secondly, they need to address the center position woe that haunted them in the 2020 season. Rockets GM Daryl Morey needs to get active this offseason and begin investing in a sizeable stretch five, a big man that can spread the floor as well as rebound. Notable stretch five free agents like Marc Gasol, Davis Bertans, Meyers Leonard, or Kelly Olynyk are all affordable and reasonable options for Houston to pick up. These guys would not have to play an immense role in our offense however, it is necessary to have a big man. Our small ball style was made to replicate the Warriors style from 2015-2019.

Although their styles are very similar the Warriors were unable to win these games without a big man like Andrew Bogut, Anderson Varejao, and JaVale McGee all played a limited but significant role in wining their three titles. I would like to end this article on a positive note because Houston does deserve credit for their efforts on this unique season. During the time they had in the NBA bubble, Houston stunned everyone with their stifling defense. Earning the number one ranked defense in the NBA bubble came to everybody’s surprise. I believe Houston can have a very productive 2021 season if they follow these simple steps.

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