COVID-19 Changes at Texas State University

Over the last few semesters at Texas State, students have experienced various changes implemented by the school.

Following the Spring 2020 semester, Covid protocols were at an all-time high.

Restrictions such as limiting class seats, spacing out classrooms and mask requirements have slowly faded throughout the last couple of semesters.

Many students experienced both fully face-to-face as well as fully online.

One detail I enjoyed about the project was being able to practice my interview skills as well as my editing. This is what I want to do with my career so the more hands-on experience I get the more I feel confident in my abilities.

One challenge I faced was getting my subject to repeat the question in the answer in order to make it more consumable for the audience. I was able to figure out later that the problem is easily solved by wording my question in the right way.

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