Tips for Writing On Social Media

What are some of the best ways to maximize engagement on your social media post? Hear from a professional.

Texas State Prof. Amber Hinsley discussed Tuesday the various ways of increasing engagement on social media posts.

  • To start off Hinsley began by talking about taking advantage of the hashtag feature on your post. Utilizing them by being specific about your subject helps getting lost in other posts effectively increasing your audience.

Using hashtags has been proven to increase success in posts, Hinsley also mentioned other methods to keep in mind when posting.

  • When discussing Twitter Hinsley mentioned a sort of trial and error strategy that she referred to as the AB method.

Rephrasing your Tweets can increase activity from your followers but more importantly is knowing your audience and how they will react.

  • Never forget your target audience. Hinsley talked about adapting to your audience. Using different language and writing styles will determine how your audience reacts to your posts.

Adapting to people is important but perhaps more important is hitting them at the right time.

  • Is your audience awake? That may be an exaggeration but it is very important to be posting at the right time! Hinsley discussed the significance of getting your post out during prime time hours of the day. This of course what exclude any sort of breaking news.

Switching gears Hinsley discussed video-based social media platforms saying they have their own rules as well.

  • Hinsley Stressed when discussing these platforms such as TikTok and YouTube that the most important time on the video comes within the first few seconds.

Hinsley broke it all down by explaining how often you should post, how long they should be, and how long they stay relevant.

  • Hinsley summarized this in a slide that demonstrated just how different each platform is both in style and audience.

These are just six tips for increasing engagement. Still having trouble? Go check out my last article where I give some tips on how to tweet like a pro.

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