5 Good Things to Remember While Tweeting

Many journalists have recently joined Twitter one of the most popular social media platforms. With this rapid growth comes many people wanting to tweet in order to express their opinions, however, with great tweets comes great responsibility. Here are 5 tips for writing a good tweet.

5. Remain Unbiased

One of the most significant issues surrounding Twitter journalism these days is the ability to remain unbiased. When finding a news source the first thing an audience checks for is credibility, nobody is going to remain subscribed to you if you aren’t producing unbiased opinions.

4. Check Your Sources – Avoid Fake News

Similarly checking your sources is crucial to gaining credibility and providing solid journalism. It is important to reference a reliable news source while sharing articles and thoroughly read the issue.

3. Act Fast

When reporting news it is important to act fast and be one of the first people to report it. This can get tricky at times because reporters are more likely to make mistakes the quicker something is reported. Always remember the later breaking news is reported the less interest people have in your tweet.

2. Remain Professional

Always remember when tweeting there will be people who don’t agree with whatever you may tweet… some of these people won’t be too kind about it either. Always remain professional and be the bigger person.

1. Stay Up to Date

News is constantly changing remaining up to date is crucial not only for updating your audience but also for gaining credibility.

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