Ranking Houston’s Best Stadiums/Arenas


Houston sports teams have their homes all in the relative downtown area. I have been fortunate enough to attend an event at all of these venues. Today I will be ranking the four main venues in Houston sports by order from worst to best.

4.) BBVA Stadium

Home to the Dynamos this stadium seats over 22,000 people. This stadium is actually pretty nice. This picture specifically was taken during one of my younger cousins soccer games. I’ve only been here once so my biased may show a little but it is the newest stadium built in 2012, you can definitely tell as it contains plenty of modern features inside the arena that make the viewing experience better for the audience. While I’m not the biggest Dynamo fan in the world I will say that the exterior of the building is beautiful and way better than any of the other venues that will be featured on this list.

3.) NRG Arena

NRG stadium recently called Reliant Stadium is definitely the venue that I have visited most in my life but unfortunately they have some issues preventing them from being the best venue in the city. The main issue I have which I have noticed throughout the years is that their stadium is highly outdated. I would say I’ve been to at least one Texans game every year and I have noticed that there is never anything drastically different about it. Sure they add new features to the suites and luxury areas, but outside of that they pay little attention to the décor on the outside in the concession areas. Another thing is the exterior, it’s also extremely outdated like the interior it has never received any renovations. The crowd and the environment are the only factors preventing this stadium from being number four on the list.

2.) Toyota Center

This venue and the next were tough to put in order as they both do a very good job maintaining a modern look to the walking areas. The Toyota Center is one of my favorite places because the scoreboards and jumbo screens are huge and allow you to get a real spectator experience. Everything always looks so new and it’s always clean. The crowd is also consistently loud and the game presentation during halftime and pauses during the game is also really entertaining. No place on earth compares to the Toyota Center during the playoffs.

1.) Minute Maid Park

Finally we reach number one on our list. I absoloutely love Minute Maid Park. So many features are present in the interior that make walking around the ball park memorable. Secondly, the look of the stadium is beautiful the crawford boxes, the lanscaped center field wall, the big screen, the landscape, and the left field glass pane to give it the modern look. They did such an amazing job as everywhere you look it is decorated. This is thanks mainly to the renovation made in March 2017. For sure my favorite venue to visit in Houston. Lastly, earlier I mentioned that there’s no other place in the world that compares to the Toyota Center during playoffs, well I lied. Go to Minute Maid during October and you’ll see what I mean.

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