Final Post

Writing on this blog has been more of a hobby than a project. I have enjoyed updating it throughout the year and making content that I love talking about. A lot of this stuff on my website is things that I enjoy talking about in conversations but I often go on rambling way too long. It’s been nice having this website to spare people of my constant sports rambling. This is similar to what I would like to do in my career in the future. Being able to post and sponsor my articles using social media has also gave me expireince and an insight into the world of reporting and blogging.


Regardless of how much fun I had I was also able to explore different options to strengthen my blog. I believe I could improve the consistency of my post which could be easily resolved by having a set schedule to when I could upload an article. I also feel I could’ve included way more videos as articles with videos often tend to entertain the viewer better. The main improvement I could have made (had I had the resources) was being able to interview players and coaching staff from Houston’s sports organizations. This I believe would make my website far more successful as it would give it another view to contend with my opinions making the articles more relevant.


I could have promoted my content better by doing what is commonly done now in social media which is collabing with other authors/creators in order to sponsor my articles to a wider audience. Also with the proper resources I can sponsor my website using the social medias business feature.

Favorite Article

My favorite post would probably have to be Houston Sports In Social Media, where I reviewed the tweets about Houston teams. I love being able to analyze what the general public thinks about us and proving them wrong or proving them right in some occasions.


I feel that this article has helped me prepare for the future as I hope to do sports commentary, sports reporting, or analyst. Discussing sports to the general public and seeing their feedback has given me a good sense as to how I should present my information effectively. Using wordpress in general has provided me with the knowledge of blog posting that I wouldn’t have gained without it.

Content Analysis

Overall I think my website did pretty good. My most popular week was the week of 8/31-9/6, where I had 58 views. My most popular post was Houston Sports In Social Media, which had 17 views. I believe it was the most popular because it was the most entertaining which I figured because it was my favorite post to create. Nothing really surprised me about my results as I am well aware of what I can do to get my numbers up and I am constantly thinking of new ideas to entertain the reader with my posts.

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