Houston Sports In Social Media

If you’re a fan of any Houston team you’ve probably noticed we typically aren’t the most popular team in the public eye. From our Astros 2017 cheating scandal to our James Harden terrible defense running gag. Today I will be reviewing some of these posts and sharing my thoughts.

  1. Already I can tell this is going to be a long article. So apparently this guy is under the impression that Harden and the Rockets aren’t good defenders. This makes zero sense because our defense was actually ranked higher than our offense in efficiency. In the bubble (which is when we played the Lakers) the rockets 107.5 defense rating 5th place in the bubble that featured the top 22 teams in the league. This is compared to our 12th ranked offense. This guy needs to do a bit of research.

2. For number two we’re going to give credit to the Houston fans on social media. This is personally one of my favorite accounts to follow as they provide some insight to the Rockets and they also recognize the constant bullying Houston sports face in social media.

3. Let’s switch to the Astros. Before I start I would like to say in no way do I condone their actions in 2017. However, I know it’s not just me that thinks that these cheating jokes are getting a bit repetitive and dry. Nobody wants to admit it because if you even try to you’re automatically support them? I guess.

4. Texans were so close to not making the list. But unfortunately not they’re on here. I actually have nothing negative to say about this tweet it’s actually pretty humorous. Who knows maybe I put it on here to express my frustration with the Hopkins trade. Just a theory tough.

5. Lastly I’d like to acknowledge another one of my favorite Rockets media source. @DreamShakeSBN. In a tweet posted by NBA star Giannis Antetokounmpo he shows flashes of doing Hakeem Olajuwon’s signature move and he also shows him blocking shots and dunking “like” Hakeem. Similar to @DreamShakeSBN I believe this does not make you comparable to Hakeem. I could name countless players in the NBA who can make some athletic blocks and dunks, and I can tell you right now none of them are even in the same conversation as Hakeem.

As per usual I would like to thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this article feel free to reach out to me at anytime or leave your comments in the contact page!

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